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Modus operandi 2022 - Ininite Deployment

Working with frontend technology has become a necessity for many companies. The need for a modern, responsive frontend is a constant challenge. The most important thing is to have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Building new frontend technologies is a challenge, but it is also a rewarding one. Using these technologies is a great way to gain experience and knowledge. For this, I have created a series of articles that will help you to become a better frontend developer.

The Problem

Recreating this blog over and over is fun, but leaves much to be desired.

For one, I want to constantly be recreating this blog with the neweset frameworks and libraries. I want the content to exists no matter the technology.

This should be automated process and I have a plan to recreate this blog in a hundred different frameworks and libraries with little friction as possible. I think navigating this blog using vuejs, react, next, angular, and many other frameworks is a great way to get started. I plan on writing about my experiences with each, constantly building upon the others approach.

I want the blog to live deployed indefinently. The challenge is hard, but a managable one.

The Solution

Using Turborepo we can create a monorepo with different frameworks and libaries, meanwhile we can use the same Markdown content. I'm interested in exploring how we can leverage the React based component system to reuse the same content across different frameworks. How we can reimplement a design system in multiple frameworks with as little friction as possible.


How can we recreate components across not just platforms but also technologies? Write once run anywhere is a great idea and its worth exploring. In the future, I will be able to just update the markdown files and automatically every frontend that I've built my website with gatsby/nextjs/react/vuejs will be updated. Even older websites will be updated with the latest content. The main focus here is that I will be able to explore these technologies in more in-depth if I'm focused on what problems they solve and not the content itself.